My favorite memory

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My favorite memory

Postby prudy on Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:06 pm

Jim was the teacher for E-I when I took RS-1...He introduced me to Paul Tillich's "You are accepted" paper during the course....Everyone was talking about
how wonderful the paper was.....I read it and thought it is good but what's the big deal....why is every one so excited about this paper....I told Jim that
I didn't get it....He said just keep reading it.....A year and a half later after reading it about 20-23 times....I got it.....It changed my life...I had nothing to do with it but Jim said keep reading accept your acceptance makes all the difference .......what a gift he gave me...always with a smile......What a joy to
know you both and see your ministry unfold.......Thank you both for your gift of love and acceptance.....I am truly blessed to call you both friends and
I will miss his hug every time I saw him.

Love....Prudy Gorrell
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Re: My favorite memory

Postby richard cato on Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:41 pm

I was so impressed with Peter's part of Dr. Taylor's service. It reminded me of the time that Dr. taylor told me that Charles Shultz (of Peanut's fame) had come to OCU and had been in his office in the Chapel. Dr. Taylor said that after having Shultz in his office he now knew what sucess was becasue Charels Schultz had told him what it was. I waited for him to tell me. Dr. taylor said that Shultz had sat down in his office and said that Dr. taylor must be very sucessful and highly paid. Dr. Taylor siad he only laughed to himself, but did ask how Charles Schultz knew that. Schultz said he knew Dr. taylor was very sucessful because he had carpet in his office and that was a sure sign of being a highly successful ( and highly paid) professor.

The other memory I have of Dr. taylor was when he was teaching an Old Testament class. He would get so absorbed in what he was teaching that he often forgot what language he was teaching it in. I remember that he was writing on the old chalk board some items that the class needed to know - when he got to the right hand of the board, he just started writing from right to left in Hebrew! He got to the middle fo the board and realized what he had done and turned to the class and jsut said, "Sorry about that!", erased the Hebrew and started again from left to right in English again. He was so excited about what he was teaching that it spilled over into all who had him in class. He reminded me of Mark Twain ( I think) who was once asked how he could be so excited about what he did, and his reponse was something like, "I was born excited!" That was Jim Taylor for me and I will never forget his influence even though I was never a top student.

Rick Cato
richard cato
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